COVID-19 Thoughts, Update, and Request

Mosaic Church family,

This past Sunday morning was surreal for me. 

I drove up to an empty parking lot, one normally full of smiles, handshakes, hugs and coffee, and walked into an empty building with only a small handful of people, ministered to an empty space and preached to a blue light in the back of the room. With the sort of dark humor only a situation like this can elicit, I thought to myself: well, two of my nightmares have come true: 1.) That recurring dream for years I’ve had for years about no one showing up really has happened! And 2.) That I would one day become a televangelist! 

Obviously, neither of those is true, because 1.) I have never been, and by God’s grace will never become, that second nightmare, and number 2.) Even though our building was empty, we were “full” online, had at least 850 unique users watching on Sunday, with so many of those being families with spouses and multiple children. People from all over the country were watching, we found out, including many who are not Jesus followers and/or do not have a church home. They were invited, and ministered to, by you

So, thank you for being there on Sunday. While there is no apples-apples replacement for the “assembly”, for at least the next eight weeks, and possibly (likely) longer, we will be gathering online. If you saw the Sunday recap video we pushed out on social media, you know we are doing our best to make adjustments on the fly, week by week as is possible, to improve and be the best we can be.

I want to especially thank our production and worship teams, as well as our staff for coming through in the middle of an insane 72 hours, and being flexible and sacrificial with their time, schedule, and energy. We are all living in a world whose rules are being rapidly redefined every 12 hours or so, it feels.

Internally, we are working, as are many of you, to completely (and hopefully only temporarily) transform our organization, how we work and how we minister, and externally, we are reorganizing to be what Mosaic has always been, just with some different wrappers: a diverse, Gospel-centered community that is in the city, for the city. We understand the very real challenges, both health-wise and economic, that people are facing, and are moving to be in place quickly to respond.

Additionally, you can expect to see us producing a lot more online content, including regular podcasts and devotionals, featuring men and women from our beautifully diverse community, in order to help keep us connected and encouraged.

Finally, I do want to invite you to something special this Friday. I am inviting you, and encouraging you, to pause this Friday and hop on a conference call this Friday from 12-1 pm, with me, our staff, and other key leaders at Mosaic, to pray for this current crisis.

You’ll hear from me as well as from different leaders from different sections of our church praying for those affected in their spheres of influence, and we are doing this for two reasons:

a.) If we only become more sophisticated at how we “do church”, and not more deeply, and permanently spiritual in this crisis, we will have missed our opportunity in this moment. Prayer is one way to lean into this truth.

b.) I am convinced, as you’ll also hear this Sunday, that if we will be the people of God we are supposed to be, that is, if we will be good earthly citizens honoring our authorities through hygiene and distancing, and if we will be good heavenly citizens by interceding for our world, nation, and city, that this “plague” can be mitigated, slowed, and stopped.

You can call in to this number:

+1 929-399-7568‬ 

PIN: ‪637 018 467‬#

from 12-1 pm. Currently, we have spots for 250 on this call, so if you call in and can’t get through, that’s why, and we will explore other options in the future. I look forward to joining you then.

In hope,


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