Community Group Leader Training January 2018

Second nature. It’s a phrase used to describe the ability for a person to make something that would require intense focus, work and a bit of luck for most, look easy and effortless, like it’s just a skill or ability they were born with. We think of people like Michael Jordan, Claude Monet, or Johann Sebastian Bach when we hear, “Second Nature.” Yet, we all know that what appears to have come naturally is really the outcome of hundreds of hours of preparation, hard work, sacrifice and, yes, skill. The world stands in awe at such accomplishments.

What would it look like if love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control came second nature to a community of people who claimed to follow Jesus? What would the world think? What would the impact be?

That is the question we try to answer in this past Community Group Leader Training. How can we, as community group leaders, help following Jesus become second nature to the people we are leading? We have to help them create a rhythm of discipleship. That, and more, was what we discussed in this training. If you were unable to attend, please take a moment to listen in.


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Time Stamps for Specific Parts of the Training:

Community Groups Standard Operating Procedures Announcement – 3:30

Process Queue Follow Up Tweaks – 9:50

Community Group Coaches Announcement – 17:15

Group Discipleship Vision & Structure – 23:50

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