Church Wide Fast plus New Mosaic Staff

As you likely know, this week is our New Year’s Fast, where we set apart a portion of time to focus on God, His Word and His Presence in our lives. I am thankful for each of you and how you have participated, and I look forward to a great night tonight from 6:30-7:30 of worship and prayer in our main worship area.

You know, I have a love/hate relationship with fasting—I definitely don’t like not eating and feeling hungry and tired all the time, but I do love the space it creates in me for God to touch my life and this church. I firmly believe that many breakthroughs I experience later in my life come because I fasted now. So keep going and let’s finish strong!

Also this week, I have the privilege of introducing to you a couple of new staff members at Mosaic that you likely know already, but are moving into a new position of service as of this week.

I am excited to introduce to you Cori Sullivan as a new Associate Pastor, with a special focus on women and the church’s ministry and discipleship in the lives of women. She and her husband Wyatt (along with their three children) have been members at Mosaic since 2013, have led community groups, served all over the place, including our TGA ministry, and have both served as deacons over the past couple of years.

A small side story about that: Wyatt and I (Morgan) both went to the same tiny elementary school in the Dallas area, and both Sullivans and I went to the same high school, but never met until our kids met in school here in the Austin area years later. It has been a joy to walk with them and watch their leadership grow, and I am excited about Cori’s impact on the church this year as she pastors and labors to make Mosaic more of what God desires for us to be. Cori began to work full time this week with us.

Also, I am excited to introduce to you Jaime Chapman, our new Director of Adult Education. If you have taken one of our many GROW classes over the years, you may have had Jaime for a facilitator. She has a teaching gift and is passionate about God’s Word, and seeing people develop a love for God’s Word. She will help us develop curriculum, facilitate classes and teach along the way. She and her husband, J.P., have been members at Mosaic for more than a decade, and along with their twins, have been a huge part of all we have become. I am excited to see Jaime put her talents and gifting to work inside Mosaic in an expanded way. Jaime is coming on in a half-time role, and started this week.

We will introduce them formally to you on Sunday (although you likely may know them already from their roles as deacons) and have a moment to pray for and cheer for them.

As we continue to grow, our needs continue to grow as well, and we believe these two women really are a Godsend, and God’s gifts to us to help us do better, and be better.

Blessings to you!