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Are you ready to persevere this Friday? Mosaic Deacon, Cari Peterson, shares with us how our souls and hearts can and must persevere during dark and challenging times. Tune in and be encouraged!...

In general, I'm not that much of a holiday person, I do like Christmas quite a lot, but other than that, I feel like...

Cuando llega de visita la desgracia enfrentarte a ella no es una tarea sencilla. La adversidad, por más mínima o imponente que se presente, tiene el poder para revolver y desatar lo inconcebible. Es un trago amargo y a nadie apetece. A veces la adversidad...

When misfortune and tragedy decide to pay a visit in our lives, facing it is not an easy task. Any negative event, whether minimal or significant, has the power to stir up and trigger inconceivable consequences. Adversity is a bitter drink we would rather...

Church Family, Before you hear about the important update about our re-opening, we did want to remind all our men about our upcoming virtual MEN'S NIGHT this Thursday from 7-9 pm, for an evening of games, conversation, and encouragement via ZOOM. ...

Right now it seems like people all over the world are grieving. For some, the systemic racism of the world is the subject of their collective grief. Some are grieving the...

What does it mean to truly change the world? As the director of our campus ministry, Every Nation Campus (ENC) at UT, I tell people all the time that we believe that if you change the campus, you can change the world. Essentially, we believe...

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Community groups are where we seek to live out the Gospel in relationship with others within a smaller community context.

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