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I was meditating on this verse recently, and it sparked a question in my mind...

I don’t know about you but when I think about what I lack most, strangely enough, it’s not money or material things...

As we approach the halfway point of our You Have a Part to Play campaign, I wanted to catch you up to speed on where we've been...

I am so excited to announce that CHI Street, Mosaic's ministry to the homeless community, has a new name. Have you heard of...

It is such a privilege to see so many of you in our GROW classes. Your thirst for Godly knowledge is astounding, and I am so excited...

First, I want to thank everyone who helped make our Back to School Sunday so much fun and so encouraging. One of the things I love...

In case you had not heard, this upcoming Sunday is our annual Back to School Service, thematically titled, "Make Some Noise"...

Being single is awesome! I know what you’re thinking…”Easy for you to say, Barnabas...

Welp, school’s back in session. The tardy bell has rung. Sighs of relief can be heard from moms and dads, while sighs of regret...

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Community groups are where we seek to live out the Gospel in relationship with others within a smaller community context.

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