Back to School Sunday

In case you had not heard, this upcoming Sunday is our annual Back to School Service, thematically titled, “Make Some Noise”, where we will be celebrating the next generation of students, from elementary up through university.
It’s going to be a great day, full of surprises, new music, videos, powerful stories and a look ahead at something really exciting that’s coming next this fall at Mosaic.
But most of all, we hope you join us for a fun and meaningful day!
You may know that we have more than 500 children at Mosaic, from 0 through college, so what we will be doing this Sunday isn’t just a big part of our future, it’s a big part of our present moment right now. This is one moment in particular where we remember that the church of Jesus is not about us only, but also (and maybe even more) about those who are coming next.
You should also know you are free to wear your school colors and apparel this weekend, whether it’s your high school, your college, or your kids’ school, if you are a parent. As the school year is just getting going, this will also be the last weekend in a while where alumni from different universities will be able to wear their gear together in peace!
So, wear your stuff, come ready to celebrate and be inspired, and let’s “Make Some Noise” this weekend!

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