A Few Things Coming Up!

I’m looking forward to a great Sunday with you, and there are a few things happening in our community that you should be kept up to speed on.

First, beginning this Sunday, for the month of August at Mosaic, we will be taking a look at the incredible– yet often misunderstood–subject and practice of prayer. As we explore some of the most famous prayers in the Bible and learn the stories behind them, we will see how those prayers changed those who prayed them, and how they might shape and change us and our world today. Through it all, our hope is that you would say, along with a chorus of God’s people throughout human history that:

“I sought the Lord…And He Answered Me.”

Second, and this is something that you will hear more about in detail on Sunday, but Mosaic is sending out Shad and Caresse Bell to plant a brand new church in downtown Austin. This is a big win for them, for Mosaic, and especially for God’s Kingdom! We can’t wait to announce it in full with them this weekend.

Finally, I have one other exciting thing to share with you.  It’s something that we have never done before at Mosaic. You ready? Here it is:

Next Sunday, August 11th, we will be having Mosaic Day in the Park at Typhoon Texas Water Park! This event is completely free of charge for you, your family and any friends you’d like to bring. It is a tremendous opportunity to not only hang out (for free) with your church family in a great environment, but also invite your neighbors and friends to something that adds value to their lives in an incredibly relational way. 

Our request? Please bring a school supply to support our Back to School Backpack Project, which will go towards several different local schools. This is a bit of a late-breaking event for us, but we are glad to be able to offer this before summer ends, so please keep your eyes and ears open for details.


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