A Big Thank You

I just wanted to give thanks for a number of amazing things that have happened in our church over the last few weeks:

1. The Every Nation Campus Conference: Last weekend, we hosted more than 300 students from college campuses across Texas. There were around 40 decisions for Christ, 40 water baptisms (we baptized so many people consecutively that our baptismal needed a thorough cleaning afterward), many more being filled with the Holy Spirit and people having encounters with Jesus that either healed them or set them free from hurts from the past. Thank you to all of you who volunteered, either through leading a seminar, serving food, welcoming at the door, or even cleaning the church after midnight when our cleaning crew failed to arrive (these things happen)! We see over and over that God’s Spirit falls on sacrifice, and this weekend was no exception. Check out this highlight video.

2. Mac and Cheese Drive: Our goal was to collect 1000 boxes of mac and cheese for the Weekend Food Program we partner with to support students at Live Oak Elementary, and you all/we came through! Kristin Lafferty, our coordinator with the school and the program, had her garage filled with mac and cheese boxes.

3. Construction is well under way on our new youth facility and mKids upgrades! As a matter of fact, you will likely see some evidence of that in our mKids space over the next couple of weeks, as we try to get all of it done before Easter. Thank you to all of you who have given to make this dream a reality. I have been praying and believing that this will be a space that will give God glory and impact young lives with the love and truth of the person of Jesus.

4. Ridiculously full classrooms: Both our “Naturally Supernatural” and most recent Membership Classes had more than 50 people in them. Thanks goes out to many of you who help make those environments what they are, especially our deacons Steve Vigorito, Jaime Chapman and Gerald Bowie, among others. I’m encouraged by all those taking steps towards being equipped to walk in the power and grace of the Holy Spirit, and those taking steps towards being a part of our community at Mosaic.

There is much, much more I could lay out here, but all this is to say, thank you for being who you are to this church, and for praying for one another and for the leadership of the church as we seek to make wise decisions and love people well. I believe God is continuing to increase how he is using us in our city as ministers of reconciliation. Much love to you.