Multigenerational. Multiethnic. Single Purpose.

Come worship with us

Sunday at 9:30 am & 11:15 am

12675 Research Blvd Austin, TX 78759

We are about the individual, the city and the world all at once.

The best way to change the world is to start within ourselves.
Come as you are and grow into all God has meant for you to be.

From the blog

Hi all—I'm looking forward to a great weekend with many of you men at our annual men's retreat. A couple of things for us all to be aware of for the next couple of amazing weekends at Mosaic:...

Along with all of you, I watch the current election season with great interest. Every four years, the process, the candidates and the public response to all of it can give us a regular temperature check with respect to our current social climate and value system as a nation....