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We are about the individual, the city and the world all at once.

The best way to change the world is to start within ourselves.
Come as you are and grow into all God has meant for you to be.

From the blog

In case you are reading this because you are intrigued by the title, and don't know to what it refers, and you weren't one of the, oh, 75 people or so who forwarded me the article (thanks, everyone!), it refers to an article published in the New York Times last week about the many black Christians who have felt forced to leave white evangelical churches over the last year since the 2016 presidential election. In particular, it focused on one black woman's experience at Gateway Church (in Dallas, not our neighbor here in Austin) and her challenging journey to find a place of worship....

I just wanted to give thanks for a number of amazing things that have happened in our church over the last few weeks....

You may have heard that around a year ago, Mosaic Church formally re-joined with Every Nation Churches and Ministries, and that part of the core culture of Every Nation is a care and concern for college students (along with planting socially responsible churches and doing world missions)....