Multigenerational. Multiethnic. Single Purpose.

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We are about the individual, the city and the world all at once.

The best way to change the world is to start within ourselves.
Come as you are and grow into all God has meant for you to be.

From the blog

On behalf of our elder team, allow me to wish you a wonderful holiday this week, as we celebrate and give thanks to God for his gracious hand and abundant grace in our lives....

As you have likely heard, the elder team at Mosaic has put before the church a financial ask of $150,000 to construct a new youth space (in Building C across from our main facility), make adjustments to our mKids area, and to construct a new sport court as well....

If you missed it on Sunday, I'm sure you heard about it: Our elder team presented a $150,00 ask to church, which would go for three things:...